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Project invitation: Ultimate NextGeneration Laptop [Specification(s)]

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Before the end of next year (2016), we might have all we need to finally construct a perfect laptop where the usual limitations are not (so) present anymore.

Disk space is about to get a revolution this year.
Memory likewise, and processors are sufficiently powerful for most tasks, even so that graphics cards are on the decline; new computers get enough power from the main CPU(s) and might not need its own GPU in the future, further reducing heat and power consumption in laptops.

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This is the introduction post to this series called "IdentityMess".
I assume that almost "anyone" reading this has more than one user account around the web, and has already got an idea about how inconvenient, sometimes impossible or just impractical, and sometimes "illegal" as in "violation of Terms-of-Service (ToS).

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We are closing in now; between 2015 and 2020 we will enter the early stage of a situation where society at large can start using technologies that have matured to a point where it is not a question of technical skills to use it. Plus, they are getting somewhat "secure", stable and "smart".

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Overload topics evaluation

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Currently I am evaluating channeling news through tweetdeck.twitter.com with various tricks and settings.

Even though an initially efficient and great tools, there are various challenges to this that Tweetdeck is not addressing. Some also outside its scope or even reach. It is clear that no matter which solution is an efficient "whole", there are multiple layers to the workflow of news curation.


Information Overlordz

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Tools, web services, setup, best-practises, collaboration and content management framework for managing the news overload etc. that we are all facing nowadays. This project is identifying the necessary parts and what we already can do (which tools and how), and what we still need to persuade various players to implement into their media toolsets.

We have high hopes that "power user" browsers such as the new www.Vivaldi.com browser will address such things, as is precisely within their focus. This project aims to help Vivaldi identify and address these needs.

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Information Overlordz Series - Initial draft

[This is a draft post under construction; the first in this series about how we need to prepare our habits, tools, competence, communication and actually friends and contacts as well, in order to collaboratively tacle information overload, if we should stand a chance in maintaining our competence and information base in any useful way at all.]


In this series, I will explore what we as end-consumers need to do to tackle this challenge. It borders on the shift from the current "2.0" state of social media to the next phase ("3.0?"), which as one major consequence has the shift of ownership of information from social media to its users.


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cPanel / WHM considerations for Two-Factor support

cPanel logo

Update 2016-03-05: The mentioned 2FA feature request is now complete/solved, and included in last month's cPanel 54 version release, which is its first implementation for WHM/cPanel. PS. There are still issues to iron out, and things to be aware about. Adviseable to to test and fully grasp the implications before making potentially irreversible changes to production environments, or there is a risk of creating more problems instead of just fixing a (major) securty concern.

Vivaldi browser from Norway - www.vivaldi.com (based on Chromium)

Based on the open-source chromium browser framework, that existing, modern browsers like Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox also are built on top of, this new Scandinavian browser aims at us (...) - the power users.

Finally. I am instantly filled with great expectations.

However, admittedly somewhat resembling also similar expectations for the Opera browser, that sadly never became more than a useful extra browser for me.

USB type C can charge until 100 watt (20V - 5A)

With the new USB-C standard already shipping with new laptops etc., it is now becoming possible to charge computers via that USB-C port. This opens up a new scenario: even if smart people may be somewhat careful which USB sticks they permit to be inserted into their computers, they might have the habit of using other peoples chargers. Now, if you dont use your own charger, you do not know if your computer might be automatically infected with malware the moment you put the charger in.


Home Automation

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I have had this project on my list for quite some time, while monitoring related developments and finding out when I think it is time to get started. We still have some way to go, given certain restrictions in the state of various parts of the needed/involved technologies.

However, one particular aspect of this has some relatively recent developments that begs semi-urgent attention and implies starting this project almost on moral grounds..:

The smart-TV's comes with cameras and microphones, and currently very little security or privacy concern. The Samsung company has seen the need to calm down people by publicly "ensuring" that they are nice guys and have no intention of recording what goes on in your living room without your consent...




This is perhaps my favorite current project. It is a service being developed in my company, so it is commercial, although it is very relevant and interesting also for personal reasons.

More and more people find themselves having less and less time to an ever increasing "network" of people, contacts, friends, potential clients, etc. etc.


'Bending of light' with permission from www.TalkToTheEye.com - Copyright (c) 1993 Cicilie Risaasen. All rights reserved.

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I have been working on a semi-crazy long-term global project which is about to make parts of the concept visible to the general public.

The purpose is to provide a useful, practical change; combining easy, solid, low-cost business startups with social responsibility. One of its elements is a "multipreneur factory". From my technical perspective here at this journal, the main focus is the technical aspects for both internal and external communication, and management tools for content and projects.

Aimed at the situation the world will have once our use of technology has matured, it leverages the new situation that will settle in during the 2030s. Until then, we are paving the various, inter-related paths as we move on developing and solidifying the needed platform ("framework").

Having several roles or "hats" in such a multi-part undertaking, my work is not easy to describe quickly in just a few sentences.

On THIS personal web site, having my "personal interest technology hat" on, I will only describe some of the parts related to the topics I have in focus here.


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